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About us

Eva Vrzalová - ředitelka montessori jesle První krok Brno

headmaster Eva

I am very happy that I can utilize all the knowledge and skill I have acquired as a teacher, mother and manager, in this nursery. To be part of this amazing team makes me very happy. In our Montessori nursery we guide and teach children with respect and lead them to independence and confidence in themselves. If I need to relax I travel. I take a walk outside in nature or I travel somewhere foreign. Or just simply wander around my home. However, my favourite thing to do is spent time with my children, with my granddaughter Mia, with family and friends at cottage in Vysočina.

Evča - lektorka montessori jesle První krok Brno

main teacher Evča

I like to remind myself how the little ones look at the world – they live in the moment and enjoy all little things. Thanks to children I try to see positive in everything and they help me to realize how unique we all are. Children, nature, yoga and my loved ones (both two-legged and four-legged) bring me joy.

Kačka - lektorka montessori jesle První krok Brno

Main teacher Kačka

I am Kačka nad I am situated in Lavender class. I enjoy working with kids, it is very fulfilling. I also spend most of my free time with kids. I started to practise Montessori approach two years ago in this nursery. I am very grateful that I can still learn new things and gain new experiences in this nursery.

Péťa - lektorka montessori jesle První krok Brno

main teacher Péťa

Hello, I am Peťa! I am a person with positive outlook on life and I really enjoy working with children. 🙂 I am glad that I can be a role model for kids, their guide and support. I always try to give the best of me to kids. I put big emphasis on individuality of each child. In my free time I like to cook or spend time in nature or with my friends, with dog and my two guinea pigs.

Simona - lektorka montessori jesle První krok Brno

main teacher Simča

A soul of a traveler and heart full of love. Family, music, spending time in nature and meaningful work with children, all these things fill my life. I completed accredited courses MŠMT: Montessori for ages 0-3 (Montessori ČR – Prague), Montessori pedagogy (Montessori center – Brno) and other educational programs.

Andrea - lektorka montessori jesle První krok Brno

teacher Andrejka

My name is Andrea, I like music, hiking and good company. My path to becoming a teacher wasn’t long, children were always part of my life. I completed accredited courses MŠMT and I also have the international certification of the AMI school – Montessori assistant. I believe that process of building a self-confidence starts at early age.

lektorka Anet

Working in a nursery school is a highly enriching experience for me and spending time with children brings me a lot of joy. I value the opportunity to be a part of their life journey and observe the progress which our little students make. During my free time, I prefer to be with loved ones, engage in sports or read a good book. 
Anička - lektorka montessori jesle První krok Brno

teacher Anička

My path to becoming a teacher led through scout camp and also through studies at Masaryk University. I acquired professional qualification in May 2022 – “Chůva pro děti v dětské skupině”. The same year in September I acquired the AMI certificate as Montessori assistant for children from age 0 to 3 years old. I enjoy working in Thyme class very much, it is very fulfilling job.

Káťa - lektorka montessori jesle První krok Brno

teacher Káťa

Hello my name is Káťa. Days spent in nursery are always filled with laughter and joy of our little ones. I read books, play games, watch TV shows, swim or exercise in my free time. I love being creative, I enjoy creating new activities for children.

teacher Míša

Family and friends are the most important thing in my life. I love to listen to music, travel and drew from time to time. Humour is integral part of my personality. Being funny is simply who I am. I like to laugh and make others laugh.

teacher Janča

My name is Janča Kleinova and I am glad that I got the opportunity to work here in the nursery.

Working with children keeps me moving forward. It may seem monotonous, but it is very diverse and rewarding.

Children and colleagues are a great inspiration for me. Working with children is not a job, but a mission.

Tereza - lektorka montessori jesle První krok Brno

teacher Terka

I love children, my family and my partner. In my free time I ride a bike, walk in nature and in general I like to move. I like to go back to my hometown Třinec, where I usually spend time with my family. I really enjoy moments when my family is together. I had my first work experience with children in Basil class. I definitely plan to continue to work with children in the future, simply because children make me happy.

Dáša - montessori jesle První krok Brno

Housekeeper Dáša

My name is Dagmar Burešová. I love walks in nature. I have two adult daughters. I like this job very much…

Eva - hospodářka v montessori jesle První krok Brno

Housekeeper Evča

My name is Eva Fašianková and I am a housekeeper in this nursery. I enjoy working in nursery because I am surrounded by children all the time. I love kids, I myself am a mother of two little girls. This work is meaningful to me.

Katka Legerská - lektorka montessori jesle První krok Brno

administration Káťa

My journey in this nursery has started in 2019, I started as a teacher in Lemon balm class. At the beginning of the year 2023 I decided to do marketing instead. I still occasionally help in classes. I like to spend my time with my family and friends. Most of my free time I spend traveling around the world with my fiancé, traveling is simply our biggest hobby.