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The food in our nursery

The early years are important in establishing healthy eating habits as they can set the foundations for your child’s future health and wellbeing, and we want to ensure that children are well nourished whilst they are with us.

For many years we work with proven company Lakšmanna, and they supply us with quality organic lunches for kids. We are also able to cater to a wide variety of dietary needs, including food allergies, celiacs or vegetarians. Children can also bring their own lunches from home.

For morning and afternoon snacks we provide a variety of foods such as vegetables, fruits, yoghurts, cheeses, lean meat and many more. We try to include a range of textures and tastes, appropriate to the developmental stages of different ages groups.

Drinking regime
Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day.

Children with allergies
We closely work with parents to ensure the specific needs of individual children are met. It’s very important that our stuff is made aware of your child’s food allergies.